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Beijing U-PRECISION TECH CO., LTD. is specialized in the industries of IC manufacturing, optical, solar and ultra-precision manufacturing from domestic and abroad, aiming at providing equipment, core sub-system, key component and custom service. Our main business includes making equipment, ultra-precision motion system and high-end special manufacturing. Based on the original technology from our domestic top universities, U-precision has set up a standard R&D system with years of technology research and customers’ use. Now we have launched some serialization products like vibration isolator, ultra-precision motion system and key components which are widely deployed in different enterprises and institutions. Our products are highly spoken of by the Customers. U-precision absorbed a number of top professional talents and high-end R&D resource from colleges ,universities and institutes trough resource integration which ensures the long-term development of our company...

  • Advanced Precision Motion Control System

    Advanced Precision Motion Control System

    Lithography dual-stage, the first maglev dual-stage supplier in China. More
  • Advanced Equipment

    Advanced Equipment

    All-in-one industrial solution for IGBT laser annealing
    From process to final product
    Know-how parameter tuning and matching technology
    Annealing depth from nm to um supported
    High activation rate for IGBT annealing
    Open cassette and/or FOUP wafer carrier systems
    Fully SEMI standard compliant
  • Precision Motion Stages

    Precision Motion Stages

    High Accuracy; High Dynamic Performance
    Bi-repeatability: below 1μm
    Sub-micron Bi-rep, Straightness, Flatness
    1g Acceleration with Sub 0.1% Velocity Stability 
    Long-term Reliability
    No Contact Between Guide, Drive and Measurement 
  • Vibration Isolation System

    Vibration Isolation System

    High Performance Air Spring Structure
    Natural Frequency up to 2.5Hz, the Vi-isolation Efficiency up to 90% and above
    Auto-leveling Adjustment
    The high-precision level valve to realize auto-leveling, makes the isolator recover to level easily.
    “Bow-shape” Protection
    The unique “bow-shape” design protects the table from being damaged when working or moved.
  • Electrostatic chucks

    Electrostatic chucks

    Chuckable Objects: Insulator, Semiconductor, Conductor
    Setting: Vacuum, Plasma, Atmosphere
    Flexible uniform chucking without damage to the work pieces 
  • Manufacturing Center

    Manufacturing Center

    $it.pro_summary$ More


  • Tsinghua University’s Lithography Dual-stage appears in the national "Twelfth Five-Year" science and technology innovation achievements exhibition.

  • Zhongguancun New Hi-tech Enterprise

  • 2016 SEMICON China & Munich Expo in Shanghai

  • Wish you 2016 auspicious in the year of the Monkey

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Address: B1009, Xueyan Plaza, Tuspark, Haidian District
Zip code: 100084
Email address: [email protected]
Fax: 86 + 10 + 62780923 (+ 817)
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